The idea factory
We bring an expert perspective to client engagements through:
  • an understanding of the unique architectures of Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento
  • a mastery of scalable application development
  • a commitment to security best practices
  • an insight into emerging e-commerce trends
We typically adhere to “agile-light” development processes and tools in direct client engagements, in the spirit of adapting to diverse cultures and environments. Following this pattern, ideas and tasks tend to go through predictable cycles.

Idea lifecycle
  • Meet. Communicate goals and underlying purpose.
  • Plan. Generate specifications and prioritize efforts according to business needs.
  • Design. Prototype new features, disambiguating vision and intentions.
  • Develop. Implement designs, integrating with programmatic infrastructure and data systems.
  • Test. Ensure that intentions have been met.
  • Evaluate. Analyze results of new work, determine value.
Task lifecycle
  • New. Onboarding space for new feature requests.
  • In progress. Silo for tasks currently under development.
  • More info. Holding space for blocked tasks, pending further clarification.
  • Staging. Representation of tasks currently deployed to a staging environment, but not on production.
  • Accepted. Determined ready for deployment to production.
  • Production. Representation of tasks currently deployed to production environment.