Dispatch setup

Dispatch setup
Dispatch is designed so that merchants can deploy integrations without much development experience. That said, time and business requirements are sometimes factors. We are happy to configure and support your inbound and outbound services.
We are able to augment curated templates with enhanced functionality, drawing on server-side logic that we cannot expose to self-service clients due to security concerns.
The cost and calendar aspects of an integration largely depend on the degree to which the desired outcome has been specified. For this reason, there are two components to an integration: analysis and development. While the analysis stage can be variable, development is fixed.

Collaborative generation
of technical specification

$1000 (roughly)

1-2 days (roughly)

Outbound service

Development of
outbound service call


1-2 days

Inbound service

Development of
inbound service call


2-3 days

If you would prefer to hire out the initial Dispatch setup, feel free to reach out, we would be happy to oblige.