Uplift Desk

Case Study: Uplift Desk
UD builds height-adjustable desks with the goal of helping people work more comfortably and productively through frequent movement. The company has experienced aggressive growth since inception, but with success comes competition and series of challenges linked to managing a larger, more complex team. How does a startup keep the spark alive once it’s no longer small?
UD's founder enlisted our agency expertise to rally the marketing and technical teams toward the successful launch of a new, custom "desk builder" app designed to simplify the purchase process while encouraging customers to embellish their work spaces with value-added accessories.

Over the course of the engagement, we provided technical guidance, implemented an internal "agile" software development workflow, assisted in capturing and cataloging organizational wisdom and supported the executive team in determining a competitive product development roadmap.
By the end of this initial engagement, the company was ready to successfully launch a streamlined builder that pared a 20-click buying process into 3 scrolls. Furthermore, the executive team had a far more granular view into the mechanics of designing and developing the company's digital products as well as a clearer perspective on how to evolve the web properties toward a prosperous future.