The purpose of the classes section is to provide a method for managing the presentation of product variants, and thereby product pricing, according to the company to which a customer has been assigned. For example, you might want to provide a discount on a product to a high volume buyer but not to a more general audience.

In order to accomplish this, you want to create two product variants, one of which is priced at base, the other one priced at a discount.

Next, you can create a custom product class and link the discounted variant by navigating to the product administration page and selecting "Add to B2B class" from the "More actions" menu.

This process generates a new "b2b-class" product option and populates the value with an identifier from the the newly created product class.

Collection views and search result pages will display pricing based on the customer’s company's class identifier and product description pages will redirect accordingly.

An intended result of this process that you might notice while navigating your site is that B2B customers will be redirected to tagged product variants (like "?variant=1234567890"), based on their organizational affiliations.