The purpose of the catalogs section is to provide a method for managing the visibility of products according to the company to which a customer has been assigned. For example, you might want to expose a customized product to a particular buyer but not to a more general audience.

In order to accomplish this, the first thing that you want to do is identify all of the products that would be linked to the Default catalog, which is exposed to customers who are not associated with companies. This is done by navigating to the product administration page and selecting "Add to B2B catalog" from the "More actions" menu.

Next, you would repeat the action, assigning the customized product to a newly created custom catalog, but not to the Default catalog.

This process tags products with class identifiers, so that the app can filter collection views and search result pages according to the class that is associated with a customer's company.

An intended result of this process that you might notice while navigating your site is that B2B customers will be redirected to tagged subsets of collections (like "/all/b2b-cat-48"), based on their organizational affiliations.