Knowledge Base

Installing the B2B Commerce Suite is pretty easy, and only takes a few minutes from beginning to end.

  1. The first step is to click on the "product" nav link and enter the “subdomain” of the shop where you want to install the app. For example, if your base domain is "", you would enter "widgets".
  2. Clicking "install" takes you to a Shopify page where you can authorize the app to read and write to your shop, which is necessary because Ellipsis wouldn't work, otherwise.
  3. Confirming takes you to an intro page, where you can watch a brief video while the app generates a subscription link.
  4. After a moment or two, you will see a subscription link that prompts you to review the terms of service. Subscribing to the app enables Shopify to present you with a monthly consolidated bill. If you unsubscribe at any time during the two week trial period you will not be charged.
  5. The app automatically integrates with the ten free Shopify themes. Should you wish to install the app on a shop that uses a paid or custom theme, further instructions may be found here.
  6. Finally, if you wish to offer your customers company credit, further instructions may be found here